Precious Minutes CPR & Safety Training

CPR/AED & First Aid

To view the class that is most applicable to you; consider the following:



Do you work in healthcare and need a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification or re-certification?



Do you need CPR/AED and/or First Aid for personal preparedness and/or for a non-healthcare provider work/volunteer requirement? If you need a certification card for your position as a coach, massage therapist, camp counselor, youth group leader, factory/warehouse worker, teacher, foster care worker/parent, daycare provider, electrician, construction/maintenance worker, etc.

  • CPR/AED & First Aid tab; view AHA Heartsaver courses.
  • Upon successful completion, Heartsaver courses result in a two-year American Heart Association certification card that will satisfy all CPR/AED/First Aid certification requirements internationally.



Do you need CPR/AED for personal preparedness only and do not need a certification card?



Are you completely unsure of what class you’re looking for or need?

  • No problem. Call or text PMCST’s Owner and Lead Instructor Amanda at (215)430-3878 or ¬†email for quick and easy guidance, no judgement involved. We understand finding the right course can be complicated and confusing, and we want it to be a simple experience that results in the right course, the first time, every time.


Did you already take a course somewhere else? It was the wrong one?

  • New students contact us on a weekly basis after having taken the wrong course for work or their school/volunteer program. Their deadline is approaching and they’ve already invested both time and money into the wrong course and/or were misguided by an all-online CPR program that guised as an AHA certification course. Now they need the right one, yesterday… We hear it all the time, get in touch ASAP.


Can you take the course you need fully online and not have to meet in-person?

  • No. The American Heart Association and Precious Minutes CPR and Safety Training does not offer any fully online CPR/AED or First Aid courses. It is absolutely imperative that students meet with an AHA Instructor in-person to get hands-on experience, an opportunity to hear from an expert, and ask questions or get clarification.
  • The AHA and PMCST does offer Part 1 online and Part 2 & 3 in-person for AHA BLS and all AHA Heartsaver courses. Part 1 is taken online in a hybrid format through AHA eLearning and Part 2 & 3 are with PMCST Instructors in-person. Part 2 & 3 sessions are usually no longer than one hour because we offer the courses so frequently that they are often small groups or even one-on-one.


Most questions can be answered by viewing the CPR/AED & First Aid tabs or our FAQs/Policies page. If you still have questions, give us a call! (215)430-3878 or email