“Thank you very much for conducting our training. I received nice feedback from the group regarding your instruction.” – Lisa (February 18′)

“Thank you for instructing a great class.” – Matt (January 18′)

“I loved my CPR class with Amanda! She is very knowledgeable and passionate! This is not a boring class. She has so much experience and real life insight that you really feel like you are learning the material from someone who has been there first hand. I truly value being in a classroom with someone who knows her stuff and is not just reading material from a handbook word for word! Thank you Amanda! I will be in to take your class again soon!” – Asia (May 17′)

“My wife and I took both the Family and Friends CPR and the AHA Heartsaver First Aid courses as we were primarily interested in being well prepared in the event of an emergency with our two small children.  Amanda was very accommodating in scheduling this for us and made it so that we were able to complete both courses in one trip.  I was extremely impressed with Amanda’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for safety and emergency response/preparedness.  The courses were highly informative and full of useful information.  Amanda’s professionalism and friendly style of communication helped us stay engaged as we covered a broad range of topics.  She made sure that we were understanding everything and often stopped to respond to our questions.  We were able to learn a lot not only from the course material but also from her experiences as an EMT and as a parent of young children.  Amanda is an absolutely fantastic instructor and I would definitely recommend these important courses to anyone.” – Justin (October 16′)

“Thank you so much! You were so great! I love how passionate you are about it. Made it very enjoyable, thanks again.” – Gia, Nursing Student (March 16′)

“Thank you Amanda, great course!” – Britney, ICU Nurse (March 16′)

“I had the pleasure of taking a CPR/AED class from Amanda, and cannot say enough about how great she is! In my previous line of work I was required to be certified, but have not taken a refresher course in the past 10 years. Since I am about to become a new mom, I immediately knew I needed to update my certification to be prepared in the event of an emergency at home. Amanda knew this was the reason I was taking the class and focused my training specifically to the areas I was most concerned with, i.e. infant and child choking. As an experienced mom herself, she knew where I was coming from and made sure I was comfortable and confident in everything I had learned throughout the course. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who wants or needs training not only because of her knowledge and professionalism, but because of her personal experience and training as an EMT.” – Dana K. (March 16′)

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge!” – Colleen, Occupational Therapist (Feb. 16′)

“Thank you so very much for everything. It was my pleasure meeting you and I will surely recommend you when the opportunity arises. Keep up the good work.” – Jacinth, RN (Jan. 16′)

“As a private practice physical therapy office with ever-changing patient hours, we were very happy with Precious Minutes CPR and Safety training. We had training for the physical therapist and other employees in the office. Amanda was great to work with! She was very accommodating (and patient!) when it came to scheduling our training, and was willing to come to our clinic early in the morning before we started seeing patients.  She was very knowledgeable and receptive to any questions we had regarding our adult/child/infant CPR, choking, and AED training. I would recommend her to anyone in the future and look forward to working with her again in 2017 to renew our certification!” – Jennifer G. (Nov. 15′)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class and got a lot of useful information from it. Thanks so much.” – Katie, Nursing Student (Aug. 15′)