EMT/NREMT Tutoring

PMCST’s Founding Director and Lead Instructor Amanda Gehringer is available for VIRTUAL EMT tutoring sessions via Zoom on weeknights and most Saturdays.

After a free initial phone consultation and session up to 30 minutes, sessions are $25 per hour of one-on-one instruction, or can be shared with a partner or small group (up to 5 participants).

Choose from EMT Curriculum, NREMT Cognitive Exam, or NREMT Psychomotor practice.

Amanda has a B.A. in Adult Training and Organizational Development from Temple University, earned her EMT certification in 2007, has been an EMS Field Trainer since 2009, and an EMS Educator instructing public and private NREMT courses since 2018.

For more information or to schedule a tutoring consultation email Amanda@PreciousMinutesTraining.com or call/text (215)430-3878

Important Links:

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